Monday, December 27, 2010

Who am I to you ?

Natt SR .

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Red Velvet Cupcake For The Win !

Red Velvet speaks to you:
"You cannot resist me. Look into my chocolately goodness. Put your finger in my icing."

Damn you. The Devil must have made you so irresistably scrumptious and delicous, soft cupcake with the right amount of frosting, crumbs in my hair, once on my lips, forever on my hips. I love you but you are the bane of my existence.

Why Red Velvet? These cupcakes are a rich chocolate flavour, distinct in their rose red colour topped with a cream cheese icing. You are salivating aren’t you? Originally, cocoa was a lighter shade and combined with buttermilk, the chemical reaction would produce the bright crimson hue. The effect is now achieved by using food colouring. The perfect Red Velvet is fluffy without being too dense, the chocolate is just sweet enough without being decadent. It’s the cream cheese icing that does me in every time (and I’m not even an icing person).

*OHMAIGAWD , this info i got explain so well why I FCKING LOVE RV CUPCAKE !!!

Hold on me ,

Yesterday ,is the best day ever . Meeting you is like meeting Rain Bi for fuck real
Hahaha seriously , how wonderful is that ey ? I like everything about you , you still smells good even when you sweat . You're so pretty boy . You make me melt every time you talk to me and look at me , all the time for god sake .Thanks for giving your shoulder for me to sleep on . I was really tired after we swim , sorry Nadd haha you had to talk to him while i was sleepin *thnks aite sis . I love you (: hihi .

Boy , you're so good at making me laugh yknow , you are just so amazing in your own way . Thnks , seriously thnks for the good time . I love the time you sang me Rihanna's song What's My Name . I was so amazeddd
I'd love to know you better . I hope we can meet again some other day . I'm gettin really deep with my feelings . Oh shizz . Haha .

til here ,
Natt SR .

Saturday, December 25, 2010

When i count to three,

can i have you in my arms ? how i wish i could tell you how wonderful you've made me feel . Because when you talk to me it feels like there's no tomorrow ..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Valediction Prom ,

I fake a smile so he won't see .
I'm at AC , yeah i went to ac after the prom . LOL .
This dress cost RM188 bought it at Times square *Hihi,
damn i just love lookin at myself wearing this dress .
It's purple
It's my fckin favourite color (Y)
My sister , Nadd
Look at him tall and handsome (:
He's Akmal Afham .

Hey guys , so the prom was quite nice . I really enjoyed dancing with my sister and Karim her prom date . And oh yeah , i dated my uncle and he's only 17 HAHA . I know i know , i came late and he was like , " I masuk single je td , hmm you miss a lot of things . " I was like awwww sorry man , blame it on Karim ! HAHA . So we went to ac later , my uncle followed us . I sat at the back with him and had the longest chit chat ever . Like seriously we've nvr really talk to other , I mean we only bbm each other . Hah yeahh bbm ! But anyways , he's cool , i love talking to him . He's a one hell cool uncle (: oh and I forgot to mention , his name is Haseef . *Picture below the middle one (:
Natt SR .

Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Crush ,

Hey guys , its me :D
I'm back on blog . So hmm today is just plain boring i have nothing to do than being retarded with my sister at home . Listening to some club songs like crazy , eat my medicine *I'm sick and have this stupid infection but I'm wayy better now(Y) , staring at my BB and idk why i do that all the time . So I'm on facebook now and youtubing , tumblr-ing and blogging of course . I just had to think what I'm gonna do next , so here's what I have in my mind .There's this one cute guy have been running thru my mind all day . He added me up on fb yesterday , i looked at his pictures like wow oh wow ! he's my freakin type of guy but with an exception that he's small and not as tall as i want . But still , he got this amazing anime eyes that make me melts in 30 second flat . He look like Rain Bi god damn it ! and like ohmaigawd i admire this guy pictures on his Flickr so much . Hah yeah , i check out his Flickr and tumblr urh and blog and twitter . HAHA , okyh -.-' i just got so excited when he replies my comment . But guess what , when i open his fb today I found out he got someone . Hmm sad abit . No actually sad a lot . And if you notice I updated my fb status . "You're so my type but you have someone already ! Damn it" . Yeah it's for him /: I also read his latest status saying he's coma now . Idk if i should believe it or not but if its true then it would be more sad for me . I hope he'll be just fine . Well i think thats all for today (: have a great day guys !

Natt SR .

Friday, December 17, 2010

Before and After :D


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Na Na What's my name ? Oh Na Na Na ta sha ♥

Hey guys ,

I went to Pyramid yesterday to send Nadd for her date with Halif . Afif fetched us from MMU. It was raining the road was freakin jammed . Arrived Pyramid at 4.55pm . Nadd met Halif , we split . Me and afif ate at BK while waiting for Ara n Hzq , ara and hzq arrived , went to Mcd to see Nadd , Ara scolded Halif for his attitude towards me and Afif earlier . Ate at kfc , Ara decided to go to Curve first , when to the parking Afif and Hzq forgot whr they park their cars , so me and Ara went back inside , Ara made a prank saying i fell down the stairs , Afif and hzq had a very hard time looking for us as Ara didn't tell them whr exactly the place is . They found us , seeing me still alive and realized it was a prank , Hzq was kinda emo . So then we ended up still in pyramid and since it's 8.00pm and thr's another half and hour to wait for Nadd to go out from movie we waited Nadd at A&W , had Float . 8.35pm Nadd showed up at A&W , we rushed to Curve , Ara and Hzq arrived first . Arrived Curve , we walked straight away to Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House . Haa finally ! Released ! We just love Winter Warmers so much, I got my blueberry milk tea and Carbonara Spaghetti , played card c: Hariz came all the way from Wangsa maju to Curve to see me and so he joined us . 11.00pm , finished our teas and food Hariz and Hzq had to go back . Left four of us , we played card at Al-safa till 12.00am . Went back home I drove half way then Afif took over . A very tiring day for me , I didn't really feel the fun .

xoxo ,
Natt SR .

Monday, December 6, 2010

Everything happen for a reason ,
so there's a fucking reason why i was born this way .
Deal with it .