Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

David Guetta - I'm in miami BITCH , danced to this beat last night (Y)

Crashed Ara's house , pillow talk til 7 somethin' Hzq picked us up went to his house pick up Afif and went to Cyber Jaya to send Afif to his class , too bad so sad Afif is late for his class and so we went to Sunway , Red Box after . Sang like crazy til 5pm ,went to Maulana lepak with Zamil , Hzq sent me to KKlub . It was fucking awesome last night at KKlub :3 gonna meet Iki and his friend Kiman after this at Tanjung Waterfront . K chow .

xoxo ,
Natt .

Friday, October 15, 2010

I end up thinking; I'm just a lucky girl that doesn't even deserve him

Post date and time ,
5/7/10 | 2:58 AM

Omg , I found my older post in my draft .

#%$^@%$ ! Hahaha .
And yes that's my old picture :D
Hihi :B

Natt .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks Hzq (:

Ze Beloved Brotha♥
Me : Pink
Haziq : Blue .



i think i cant lie to myself anymore
and im gonna tell you the truth

what izit?

you know what , I'm still deeply in love with _____ ): i shouldn't force myself to like _____ just to make myself forget about him
i feel so
im such a failure
i fail every time
i fail to make myself happy
i fail of making ppl happy
hzq help me , its killing me

why not go contact him up?

i wanted to contact him but hmm

but what?

yeah kinda
n besides my numb kan problem
i send him a msg on fb
i hope he'll rep me

that should be better than nothing
just wait for his reply kay?
chill tasha

okyh, hzq im a mess kan ?
i ni teruk la

everything is okay
if you do really love him
go fight for him kay? :)
don't run away from your love

awww hzq , thnks for the spirit
yeahh sure , i'll fight for it

you're welcome =)
ara told me that
she ask me don't run away from your love
and you can't lie to your feeling
i terasa that time
and that's why i fight for her
even she has bf
but i still don't care
i'll go for her because i love her

hzq )':
i know how much it hurts k ?
we'll go thru it together k ?

we will tasha :)

(: ily brothaaa

ilytoo sistaa

Natasha .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So sick and tired ,

Hey guys , I'm a bit down today ya know . Yeah if you guys take a look at my fb profile you guys will know why . I wanted to type it out here but I don't want to talk bout it anymore /: I got so many stories I wanted to tell you guys but I don't have the mood now . Hmm , and here i am again online so bored so lonely . I'm gonna cook maggi now, I'm so hungry . Maggie Asam Laksa FTW !

Natt .

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Older Post I found in my blog's draft : 5/7/2010 | 2:57 am (:

I'm scared to be attached, I'm scared to make you my everything, I'm scared to let you know everything, I'm scared your gonna be the only one there, I'm scared to make you my only thing, I'm scared if you ever left me I lost my everything, What would be my reason to live if you were my everything.
Prove to me you'll be here forever and I WILL fall for you.

Natt .

Friday, October 8, 2010

Older Post I found in my blog's draft : 5/7/10 , 3:04 AM

I believe in angel something good in everything i see ,

After 16 years , please someone take me away from here , place me somewhere i could scream , sing , dance and have fun with my beloved friends . Far far away from problems , where i feel like i belong to be . Somewhere i can sing a song of happiness , being around of sweetness , dance down the streets with my boyfriend , sleepovers with my best friends . Running like there's no tomorrow . Like seriously scream like no one cares , do whatever i feel like doing . Have great family who understand the meaning of love , caring all the sweet lil things . Have friends who doesn't back stab each other . I'm glad that I've found my angels, my very best friends that i really love but please get me out of this place that's crushing me . Get me out from this darkness , i'm scared . From all this whine that hurts my ears, all this scary moments away from my sight , this is too much already . I have my own dream . Bring me there , where i believe in angel and something good in everything i see...

Natt .

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Helmi ! Look what I found in my blog's draft . Aww, Imy Elmo (:

Helmi Anuar ,
Elmo (:

Post date and time ,
5/7/10 | 2:54 AM

Girl , where exactly are you ,
I'm sitting here all alone thinking of you ,
tell me what i have to do to have you ,
and also all the things that I'm not supposed to do
that would make you upset .
I love the color of your eyes ,
that is always making me smile ,
do open your heart and eyes ,
to the guy that is willing to walk a thousand mile .
the first time i saw you ,
i knew that i couldn't have you ,
but the chemistry i had with you ,
gave me reasons why I'm obsessed with you .

Aww here's a flying kiss from me to you (:
Thnk you elmo, i really love it , you're the first guy who wrote me stuff like this,I'm sorry but i have to let you go . I know you're strong enough to forget me , go now go . You're free now , find a girl who will understand you ,who will always make you smile and who will always love you for who you are . You're the nicest guy i have ever met , but i am not the one who deserve you . There's other girl besides me who deserve your love more , I'm sure you'll find that lucky girl someday...

So live your life to the fullest , take care
& thnks for everything elmo (:

xoxo ,
Natt .

Friday, October 1, 2010

That's what you said ,

Hey, hey guys ! I've made my new ic already, oh yea - oh yea - oh yea . I feel so happy can die k ? hahaha . Sooo , thr this one stupid guy who added me on fb yesterday we got like pretty much mutual friends so i approved him and so obviously i wall post him 'thank for the add (: ' and expected him to respon but you know what he did ? he deleted it ! yes he deleted my wall post as if im the one who added him . I was like whoaa did he just ?! just ?! ughh ! don't you guys just get so fucken annoyed by this kind of ppl ? yeah he think he so cool , so i act cooler and remove him from my friends list . End of story . Pfft if you add ppl just to act cool or something , stop it man . It is not cool at all ! ughh it's disgusting okyh ! Anyway i cut my fringe already and i think... i look better (: somehow i feel like I've found the real me . I cut it by myself btw hihihi I'm so satisfied (Y) (Y) I knoww i knoww you wanna see my new hair , i'll upload it soon k baby ♥

Natt .