Friday, October 8, 2010

Older Post I found in my blog's draft : 5/7/10 , 3:04 AM

I believe in angel something good in everything i see ,

After 16 years , please someone take me away from here , place me somewhere i could scream , sing , dance and have fun with my beloved friends . Far far away from problems , where i feel like i belong to be . Somewhere i can sing a song of happiness , being around of sweetness , dance down the streets with my boyfriend , sleepovers with my best friends . Running like there's no tomorrow . Like seriously scream like no one cares , do whatever i feel like doing . Have great family who understand the meaning of love , caring all the sweet lil things . Have friends who doesn't back stab each other . I'm glad that I've found my angels, my very best friends that i really love but please get me out of this place that's crushing me . Get me out from this darkness , i'm scared . From all this whine that hurts my ears, all this scary moments away from my sight , this is too much already . I have my own dream . Bring me there , where i believe in angel and something good in everything i see...

Natt .