Sunday, June 3, 2012

The New Chapter

Dusty-o-dusty blog ! I really miss you , life has been great guys ! How bout yours ? Well leave a comment and tell me ! I'm still working as a singer , I'm still a part of Stryper Band ; check out my band y'all !

Anyway ,
I'm getting skinnier and people starting to notice it ! I'm very worried about my health , life is good and so as work . But... I have no idea what made me into this ! O: Probably because of my never ending SAD SAD love life story.. Haha . Been single for umm can't remember how long lol . But it feels so long seriously.. Well , what I really wanted to do with my life now is.. I wanna have more quality time for my friends . It's been ages ): I miss my Sugar High Babes so badly !! Not to forget my new group so called Gossip Girl , SNB ; SarahNattBalqis . I miss them too ): But looking on the positive side , since I've been busy with work and the only place I spend most of my time is at home..I realized I have more quality time for my family (': I really love spending time with my family , it's really great no matter how ugly each of them can be at times ! Haha , family is still family no matter what happen . Family first , always first . One of my principe I would say (: I mean , logically , when the friends are gone.. You have your family.. When the boyfriend left.. You still have your family.. But one thing for sure.. When the family are gone.. You will always have God.. Forever.. Remember that ;)

Okyh , now a lil shout out for my friends out there , I know some of you guys don't really understand what my work really is.. Well easy , just ask me I will explain ! I miss you guys so much and please take care . I love y'all :*

Til here
Nattkills xx