Saturday, July 31, 2010

I don't belong here ,

Morning all ,
I'm feeling so depressed , and tired..
tired of looking for happiness,tired of letting tears out , tired of being the guilty one. Tired of knowing the truth that lies . I'm feeling hopeless now , having lots of crisis with him . He really hurts me when i cry , but by just wiping my tears and telling me so stop crying the pain actually heals back . His words is killing me , the way his eyes looked at me as if he understand me . What is this ? I think I'm going mad or maybe I'm just thinking too much . Probably , i should go back to sleep now .

Natt .

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm sorry if i'm telling u this, because i want you to laugh and be happy ^^

My Conversation With Ze Beloved Brother ,
Zamil Syaheer (:

NattKills says:
thnks /:
hmm i know im a very complicated person kan ..
i'm very emo , i wish im not like this

' zαм-мιαo says:
i put a simple term
men = they are straightfoward
women = they are complicated
its destined to be this way
thats why you see men if they ajak member lepak:
"weh, free tak?"
"jom makan luar"
"wokeh, aku free"
you see, straightfoward

NattKills says:

' zαм-мιαo says:
kalau women/girl lain sikit
takboleh macam
"weh, free tak"
later fikir cam err apehal mamat nih
kalau ask
"hey, you free tomorrow babe?"
kang fikir ni apehal nak sweet sweet lak nih
tu pasal laa
tapi girls are interesting creation
i can't deny the fact that they teaches men lots of stuff and life lesson

NattKills says:
i like the way u appreciate girlss^^

' zαм-мιαo says:
hahaha mane de, biase je
thanks anyway
but its true though
you pun gelak
i pun straightforward

xoxo ,
Natt .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I cried listening to Radiohead-Creep .

Fed up with love life , my life , seriously i want some freedom .

The End

Natt .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I wish i was special , you're so fucking special .

Coiled Up .

Hello , i didn't go to school today , its not that i don't want to go but i slept at 3am last night waiting for my mum to come home , i turned on my alarm , but sadly , i didn't hear my alarm . I woke up at 8 am , and then i burst out with some random swear words and goes back to bed . Lolz , it's been a very bad day for me , i felt really tired . Sigh , and yeah i seriously skipped school a lot this year . I did study really hard , my results aren't that bad , well i still pass (: that's one of the good news , i feel like dropping econ while my friends are dropping Art's mannn idk , i mean i don't like econ ! sighs , still need to work hard on math . I want to go tuition , babah , money please ? and again both of my parents don't really care ): can i just please pretend I'm dead ? pfft . Nonsense natt .

Sincerely ,
Natt .

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Better Than Your Ex Better Than Your Next

Good Morning ,
Yes. I didn't go to school today . I'm at Desa Petaling . Waiting for my princey to come . Shut up , i have the pussy so i made the rules haha. Listening to Steel Heart - She's Gone , his favourite song . Texting him right now , ugh cepat la dtg HAHA !