Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm sorry if i'm telling u this, because i want you to laugh and be happy ^^

My Conversation With Ze Beloved Brother ,
Zamil Syaheer (:

NattKills says:
thnks /:
hmm i know im a very complicated person kan ..
i'm very emo , i wish im not like this

' zαм-мιαo says:
i put a simple term
men = they are straightfoward
women = they are complicated
its destined to be this way
thats why you see men if they ajak member lepak:
"weh, free tak?"
"jom makan luar"
"wokeh, aku free"
you see, straightfoward

NattKills says:

' zαм-мιαo says:
kalau women/girl lain sikit
takboleh macam
"weh, free tak"
later fikir cam err apehal mamat nih
kalau ask
"hey, you free tomorrow babe?"
kang fikir ni apehal nak sweet sweet lak nih
tu pasal laa
tapi girls are interesting creation
i can't deny the fact that they teaches men lots of stuff and life lesson

NattKills says:
i like the way u appreciate girlss^^

' zαм-мιαo says:
hahaha mane de, biase je
thanks anyway
but its true though
you pun gelak
i pun straightforward

xoxo ,
Natt .