About me

I was born on 15th November 1994 , a proud November Scorpio baby .
I'm a daughter of a drummer and singer . Come from a modest family.
Both of my parents named me Putri Nur Natasha . Well, you guys can just call me
' Natt '
First of all
I come out original , I disrespect people who fake themselves. I prefer self education , cause I hate goin to school.
It's not that hard to get to know me . I'm fucking open minded , flexible, easy going and sociable . I love people who's funny, have great sense of humor and sarcastic, simply because I love to laugh and being random most of the time. I get along with people easily , especially guys. Used to it since I grew up with 4 brothers and I'm the eldest. Food , cheerleading, dancing and singing is my passion !!! Trust me I'm a very enthusiastic about it , it express my feelings . I'm very weird , very imaginative and very random too. Haha. But whatever that's me. I got addicted to Tumblr. Tumblr is like my life ! I'd stay for hours just to update my fucking tumblr .
I'm a self-reliant type of person. I'm independent in everything I do. Very rebellious and very stubborn too . I do my things very racy cause I hate dirty sticky shit , it disgust the hell out of me. I could be quirky sometimes, that makes people call me weird.. I'm quite blur sometimes but clumsy all the time. I love listening to people's story , it doesn't matter about anything cause I'm very understanding, a good listener, compassionate and i love to help people with their problems . I love my friends so much that even if they do shit to me i'd still forgive them. Yes, very forgiving. I fall in love easily but once I'm in a serious relationship , I get committed and very loyal. I'm very fragile and sensitive *scorpio alert ! I really hate being tease and judge by the people who don't know shit about my life and what I'm really going through because , nobody's life is perfect so stop being hypocritical and judge others . okyh ?
Last but not least,
I may be look unfriendly , but once you talk to me and get to know me ! We'll be a toooooooootal retards together baby ♥ There's a lot more about me actually, so if wanna know more . Just keep updating with my blog yeah ?
Feel free to leave me a comment . Haha love ya bloggies ♥

Sincerely, NattKills .