Friday, January 14, 2011

"Watch your back sweetie, cause bitches cant be true" .

Okyh lets go back to the person i was last time , I was just like you and in your situation now Amalina . Yes this post is for you Amalina . Listen here girl , you can't trust ppl easily ,I trust ppl so much last time they crushed my trust towards them to the bits , it feels like they cut me and pour salt on the cuts , I know girl i know how you feel . They were my so called best friends that was actually my enemy . They fooled me around , they listened to my problems , they helped me . But after that , they fucked my school life like hell . I don't have friends , i ended up said sorry to them and still stick around them even thou they bitch about me behind my back . Everything i did , was just fucktup . I couldn't study . Having them in my class , give me the Look of death , laughed at me , make fun of me , bullied me to do this and that . I seriously felt like committed suicide every time i go home and i failed to concentrate on my studies . Its tears me apart , I cried almost everyday . Then I finally realized that I was stupid . Stupid for having friends like them , stupid for being weak , stupid for being scared . So I tried to be strong . I didn't say sorry to them , i just go on with my school life . I kept remind myself that i don't need friends like them . I try to be low profile at school . Every time they screamed and teased me during recess time , I didn't scream back at them . I just smiled and ignored them make them look like a fool and childish . That's the best way you can do . You don't fight back , because if you do at the end of the day you'll get that major heartache , see it's not worth it . When they gossip bout you , you don't asked them to stop or said that its not true . You just kept quite and DON'T bitch about them , even to your closes friend in school . Trust me , don't . Since its your first year in high school , i suggest you to be a bit low profile . Throw away those stupid two faces bitches friends . YOU DONT NEED THEM AT ALL . I repeat , you don't need them . Look at you , you're pretty and hell yes i'm being honest here . They're just jealous of you for having a great life and a pretty face , unlike them , they probably lifeless and not as pretty as you are . For now , just stay strong (: you can make a new friends , if no one wants to be your friend .You have your school books to be your friends at school . Remember , you go to school to study and be successful in life . Promise me that you will always remember , You're braver than you seem , and smarter than you think .

"It's hard, but sometimes it is better to have no friends for a time than to have the wrong friends.The wrong group can lead you down all kinds of paths you really don't want to be on. And retracing your steps can be a long and hard journey."

So Amalina ,
a best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself , loves you for who you are and be there for you through thick or thin . So choose wisely dear . Choose wisely .

Kak Natt♥

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Typical Natt ;)

She prefers a more quiet but serious relationship. And she doesn't like it when you try to get snobby and all. She thinks she's a really committed lover, she is, but not the serious one at the moment. Not from what I see at least. Her favourite colour is purple, she loves let her inner child lose at times, and just go in with it man. Play along with her cause if you really want to make her happy, first and foremost, be there for her. She hates sweet things and she tends to forget to eat so always remind her. When going to the movies, just bring a sweater for her regardless if she asked for it or not, always buy her a salty popcorn and always offer extras such as mashed potatoes or hot dogs. She may do things to break your heart at times but live with it, stick by her and be there for her always. And the most important part, she hates to say sorry, so YOU fucking apologize to her everytime. Even if its her fault, just apologize, doesn't hurt if you really love her.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I really mean , Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen .

To : one and only Prince Charming ?

Tak pernah rimas , tp kadang-kadang bile perangai dah mcm budak budak agk menyakitkan hati . Apa kate you try jadi matang sikit ? Fikir masa depan , and serious sikit ? Stop jadi pemalas . Respect org tu paling penting , hormat org tua . Cara bercakap dgn org . Fikir biar lebih ke arah positive dari negative . Nanti , kita pergi potong rambut you kay ? dah panjang rimas I tgk . Mak pun marah. Mcm hari hari I ckp , I bukan marah . I mmg garang , lagi lagi i dah masuk tahun yg i kene serious habis . I akan busy . Tapi ! busy dgn study I . Don't worry , I'm a loyal person . And mcm ape Nadd ckp ,I cepat bosan and rimas dgn org yg terlalu manje , mengada mengade and gedik . Tp I , klu dah syg seseorang tu , I tkkan mudah rase bosan . Tp rimas tu sikit lah kot ? sbb kadang kadang you ni , mcm adik adik i mengade mengade . Since i akan busy dgn sekolah , mmg agk susah lah kita nk spend time together . Tp bg I , lebih baik mcm tu . So that , kite tkkan cepat rase bosan . So yeah ni je la yg I nk ckp kot ? And oh yeahh , I forgot to mention that I mmg jenis yg tak suke sgt manje depan public . Bukan ape , I cume lebih suke kan privacy and besides tu lebih bagus kan ? biarlah org ckp kite tk sweet ke ape ke . Janji kite sendiri tahu . Just keep it to our self ,and lastly if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends . So goodluck on that .
Natt SR .

Monday, January 3, 2011

What have I done ?

Morning blogger, wow I'm finally Form 5 . Here's what i feel , nervous , awkward , happy and weird . Hahaha . Eh you know how awkward it is for me to say " Hello , My name is Putri Nur Natasha and I'm Form 5 :D " awkwardddd . Haha but on another hand I'm very excited for school . I'm changing school to Smk Ttdi , so it seems like I gotta be ready for the whole new environment . No cheer ! one of the reason I'm very up sad of going to that school . But oh well , it could be a better me without cheerleading . Because once I'm a cheerleader , i focus only on my cheer . So there you go , one point for ttdi , yeay -.-' Students there ? seems pretty nice . Thank god I already have friends there which is Azwan , Karim my Partner In Crime . HAHA . And Nurul *Selena Gomez wannabe haha . One more point for ttdi , lol . Whatever it is , the main reason why i go to school is to study and success in SPM, so it doesn't matter which school I'm going to (: I still can't believe I'm form 5 haha . Bye .

Natt SR .