Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Typical Natt ;)

She prefers a more quiet but serious relationship. And she doesn't like it when you try to get snobby and all. She thinks she's a really committed lover, she is, but not the serious one at the moment. Not from what I see at least. Her favourite colour is purple, she loves let her inner child lose at times, and just go in with it man. Play along with her cause if you really want to make her happy, first and foremost, be there for her. She hates sweet things and she tends to forget to eat so always remind her. When going to the movies, just bring a sweater for her regardless if she asked for it or not, always buy her a salty popcorn and always offer extras such as mashed potatoes or hot dogs. She may do things to break your heart at times but live with it, stick by her and be there for her always. And the most important part, she hates to say sorry, so YOU fucking apologize to her everytime. Even if its her fault, just apologize, doesn't hurt if you really love her.