Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hola Dora Es Stupidos ! Sorry Dora de explora ! I hate your stupid show !

Go die you little annoying biatch along with your stupid monkey Boots and your cousin Diego , swiper no swiping ohhh mann ! those stupid lil snail band and and your stupid back pack , back pack ! and your stupid I'm A Map, I'm A Map, I'm A Map, I'm a Map I'm a MAP! bla bla blaa He's the Mapp !!!!

Dora : what was your favorite part ?
Kids : *silent*
Dora : i like that too !

i like that part too ! kepale hotak kau bodoh ! XO

(Que steel drums and castanets)

"Doo doo doo doo doo Dora! Doo doo doo doo doo Dora! Dora, Dora, Dora the Explor-uhhhhh! something, something, something, Extraordinorahhhhhh! Grab your backpack! Let's Go! Jump in! VAMANOS! You can lead the waaaaayy! Doo doo, Dora! Doo doo Dora! Swiper, no Swiping! Swiper, no Swiping! (oh, maaaaaaaan!) Dora theeee Explor-uhhh!"

Open and read those 2 link please !

This is for you Puteri Puad ,

Babe , what you wrote on your blog , really touches my heart .

Putri Nur Natasha , i bukan fairy . i tak boleh nak buat you happy . i tak boleh bagi you bahagia. i tak boleh nak hilangkan airmata you. i tak boleh guna magic wand utk lenyapkan semua masalah you. i tak boleh.

kalau i fairy . i akan make all your wishes come true. believe me i would . i swear to god. i akan pastikan you ada banyak baju cantik cantik. i pastikan you makan sedap sedap , duduk dalam rumah yang cantik sayang. i akan hapuskan airmata you sampai takda air mata boleh mengalir lagi.i bg you a guy yang takkan pernah buat you moody apatah lagi menangis pun.i buat you jadi CINDERELLA , percaya lah natt . i will.


kalau i fairy ,
i tak nyata natt . i wujud dalam fantasi you je . bila ada org hurt you , i tak boleh pukul org tu , sebab i fantasi natt.i tak boleh peluk you bila i rindu sangat kat u. i tak nak macam tu . Natt: Jangan nangis lagi sayang. nanti mesti semua ni akan over . trust me. i sayang you. Shaz , Natt and Sayang , maafkan i sebab i ni manusia macam korang jugak . maaf sampai menulis lagi xoxo fafa

Aww , thats the sweetest thing ever okyh , after a lots of things we've been thru . Thnks fa , you've been really nice and make the effort of making me happy . Look babe , nobody's perfect right ? itsokyh , I'm happy enough knowing you're always thr for me , because i'll standby you no matter what too. You're one of the reason , i still go on with my life like how I'm supposed to . You give me strength , you've been listening to my problems and have been giving me lots of advices . Maybe sometimes i don't listen to you , but i really do appreciate the advices you gave to me . So again you don't have to be a fairy to make all my wishes come true, giving me those nice clothes , nice foods , vanish my tears , giving me the guy that will make happy and making me become like CINDERELLA . I really can't believe you know all my wishes , i would really love to become like Cinderella . I love Cinderella ! but like you said if you were a fairy , you'll be only living in my fantasies , when thr's a person that makes me hurt you cant defense me , you cant hug me when you miss me . I don't want that too . And that's the reason , you don't have to be a fairy just to make me happy . Be my loyal friend .

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good,
and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad .

Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow okyh ?

Lots of love ,
Natt .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I just need a haircut and braces my dear parents ,

I want my hair to look like her's !

This is how my hair's supposed to look like , if my grandma didn't cut my hair when i was 4 .
Its kindaaaa , ugly ? right ?

it is ugly !

Anyway ,

check out Rihanna and Katy Perry's Hair ♥♥

Natt .

And it seems like yesterday it was just a dream ,

So hello guys , i have two great news for today .
  1. Daiman hazaim had deleted his fb , i don't know why the heck did he deleted it and being emo with me all of the sudden and decided that he doesn't want to contact me anymore, pfft FYI idgaF . Anyway ,
  2. Last night someone came to hse , idk whats the main reason that person came to hse . Well, today i realized that person deleted me from fb . And again idgaF . Hihi .
I like the way how you guys actually appreciate me(: well , congratulation .

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hahaha, guess what ? before my mum had her divorced , me and brothers always does this at home when we get extremely boring ! Haha such a good memories


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open House !

It was great and tiring . My dear friends , sorry i didn't invite you guys it was a family open house . Btw , Zamil Syaheer thanks for coming ! Upload the pictures please HAHA .

Natt .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talking bout New Era Caps ♥ I've always adore it .

omg nak ? omg omg nak ? nak nak omg D:

Natt .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NattKills Updated ,

Hey guys , I've update my Tumblr, Twitter and Formspring already :D Yay !

Do follow me okyh ?

BB babi , maxis pun mcm babi (Y)


And f you bb , knp skrg kau nk buat hal ? whyyyyy ? i need to use the freaking internet D: even wifi pun tkbole pehal ?!

damn , pissed off k . Wi fi tkleh BIS tkleh . Tktau asl . Sho shad can freaking die .

Natt .

Thanks zam , i miss you and hzq so badly .

Zamil Syaheer Come on, life is hard when you stuck at something and you don't take action on it. Because when you were at that point, you either do it or regret, or else something else either worse or good might be coming up. I know you still love it, bu...t the words I tell you is good enough for him to answer, just speak in a proper tone instead of an angry tone. Ask nicely. Or else sampai bila you nak macam ni?

Crying and stuff won't do any solution, because the only thing you get is pain and tearful joys coming out from your eyes and heart. It's painful, I know, I've been in that situation and I was totally feel F-up to it. But why I still do it? Because I don't want to be in that situation in nowhere future, don't want to waste my time, don't want to be hurt anymore, don't want to cry anymore and don't want to get a silent treatment from somebody you was hoping to love you back.

Truth hurts, but at least, when you know something, you'll feel a little relieved, and from that moment, you can decide which action you should take. It might be more hurtful but life doesn't stop here.

Let me tell you something, Allah only lends you the feeling for a moment He wants, and he can pull the feeling back whenever He wants. I strongly believe this is just another test from Him for you, to see whether you are a tough girl in taking his test and whether can you handle the situation.

Everything has a solution, no matter what ways they are. The chance are given, the doors are open, its just YOU who decide whether to take or to not take action about the situation. Because everyday we have problems to deal on, no matter you realized it or not, we go through it. There's a level of problems though, if its easy you won't feel it that much, if its hard like this, yeah this is hurtful.

So just try hard on it okay. I know, it's hard, but for your own good, at least try. Take care okay.

Dear hair ,

Please grow longer faster !

Latest ;

Hmm no diff right ? I'm still wearing those fake smiles and sad eyes .