Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aku paling pening layan engkau !

Haha the title meant short form for Kim's old nick name (:

Aku paling pening layan engkau : Apple !

It's funny how some people just don't get my relationship with Kim .

So now baby girrrrrrl ,open your fcking eyes and read this carefully aite (:

Luqman Hakim Bin Zaazubir , Apple Dnsh aka Kim Campos .

Is my freakinggggg best friend okyh ! or should I say my brother ?

We're like brother and sister , his business is my business too . We go together . Together as a best friend ! That's the reason why I'm in Kataras . We're like brothers and sister ! We're homies ! We're close !

YES , he is my ex-bf . We're best friend now cause we just don't suit as a couple . We were never meant to be .

But god put us together again as a best friend . We always fight and make drama when we meet . We fight like cat and dog . Nope , not like a sweet couple fight or something like that -.-' I've known Kim for a long time and even before than you do . I know a lot of things about him , and so there's nothing to be curious or jealous about . If I like him . I'd just break up with my boyfriend and be with him again . But nope , I'm not gonna do that ! We friend ! F.R.I.E.N.D . Haven't you heard the word friend before ? or you never had one ? If so , i pity you girl . We broke up cause a lot of reason , and i really mean a LOT . Kim doesn't like girls who control him , treat him like a kid and keep nagging to him all the time . Calling him 24/7 and stuff like that . He just want you to be there through thick or thin . Not by clinging to him at all the time or telling him you love him all the time just to get his attention . If you love him , then just show to him by your action not your words . I could've do it when we were together , but after we broke up I realized how suit we are as a best friend . Cause when we were together , its hard for us to understand each other . We had a lot of problems . But we went through it aaaall together . The feeling of being couple and best friend is wayyyyy different . Especially when you considered your best friend like your own brother/sister . That is what happened to me and Kim . We were happened to be best friend (:

So !

The reason why you shouldn't be jealous of us being close is ,

1. We're BEST FRIEND !

2. I know him more than ANYONE !

3. I treat him like my own BROTHER !

and most importantly ,

4. I have a fcking BOYFRIEND, and I love him !

Last but not least ,

5. Read it all over again and get it into your brain correctly ! -.-'

I'm just so fcking pissed with someone who either older than me or the same age as me couldn't think properly before they say or write something. Gosh , learn maturity please !

Sincerely ,

Natt .

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kataras 2#

Photoshoot with them Kataras again ,

Sampai sampai saya dah kena bertapa kat Seri Maya seorang diri jap tggu Si Kim dgn partner dia yg acah acah Rain pergi pick up Zoey and Taufiq (: mcm biasa bro .

Tunggu lama gila , Kim dengan Taufiq sampai dulu . Kitorg lepak swimming pool . Ada pulak budak budak main bola air terpercik-percik -.-' Lepastu tunggu Zoey dgn David Chan mmg sekejap . Takpe dah biasa (: Kesian Taufiq lapar , last last dapat jugak makan nasi lemak kat rumah Kim . Zoey dgn David chan sampai je, start photoshoot. Berdrama jap dengan Kim , padan muka . Merajuk sampai tertidur haha . So aku lepak dengan Taufiq and Zoey je la dekat swimming pool . Zoey banyak duit sikit harini , beli kan nasi gorg untuk aku . Cehh haha , so bila taufiq balik terpaksa lah tggu si Kim bangun . Tak lama (: 5 minutes je bro -.-' So then around 12.30 Kim hantar aku balik. Zoey balik sendiri . Dah letih k , k bye .

xoxo, Natt .

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

xoxo , Natt

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How The Illuminati Runs HOLLYWOOD .

Some people just don't get the word ,

The Megat's

from left Danial, Aiman, Kushairi And Azry . My heroes .

Hi ,

My blog are pretty dead . I'm trying my best to live it up , I haven't got myself any interesting story . Oh wait , actually I have one but its not really a story I think you guys are interested in . Anyway , lately I've been spending my after school times with the Katara's and Hariz David Chan . We spend our time talking and taking some photos , Me and Kim, as usual the one who created drama . Fought like a bro and sis , cursed the hell out each other I swear sometimes i feel like slapping his face haha. But nawwh I wont do that . He's way too precious , though he always hurt me with my words . But somewhat , I just cant be mad at him . I have to admit , sometimes he's too much . But , I don't really care as he has been like that since the first time I met him . I'm tired of giving him advice . He's hard , he's too stubborn and ego . I can't break his ego . Ego tinggi macam KLCC , aku rasa KLCC pun kalah . Back to Kataras and Hariz , Hariz is one funny 18 years old guy . Hahaha , he always tried to pick on me and say sorry after that . He's cute and nice . A new friend of mine . Zoey and Taufiq , they're just awesome at their age,16 and the word 'Kataras' suits them well . This might sound a lil weird , but somehow they are just like my brothers . I've always wonder, how my brothers going to be like when they've reach 16 and 17 . So when I look at them . I mean Kataras and Hariz , I could imagine myself being with my brothers when they've all grown up (':.And this is one of the reason why , I feel very comfortable with them and why I love hanging out with them . AND, this is the reason why I could stand Kim's attitude . They remind me of my brothers , I even cried in front of Kim and Zoey that day . Because I couldn't hold back my tears anymore , I just miss my brothers so much and it hurts . Okyh , I better stop before I shed my tears again . Til here ,

xoxo , Natt .

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretty look is just not enough ,

Icc Concert .

Starting with myself, I love my hair so much . It is way too precious (': haha I love to comb it and just touch it . I love love loveee to look at my hair. Especially in the morning after a great sleep . I planned to dye my hair kind of Rihanna's . But I guess not according to my style, so I'm not sure yet. And then my nails , some people said i have a beautiful nails so I want to buy a lot more nail paints. Because like omg , I'm very addicted to it already haha not surprising . But i wouldnt have the chance to dye my hair and buy a lot of nail paints unless i go to work. Make some ka-chings by myself -.-' oh well speaking of work, I'm not even at the corner of finish school yet, results for the first exam was fuhh, very satisfied I would say ! Well, if you compared it with my last year's result ! -.-' I think, I've improved. Like a lot . I'm proud of myself ! Right now, I'm just counting days for the next exam. Studying is indeed studying, but should be organized a bit. Because even if you study like crazy in the morning, afternoon, evening and night but can not let the subjects get into your brain, it can not be too right? What made ​​me feel a little proud is when my English teacher told me ' Your English supposed to be good '. I just smiled at her as I'm trying to tell her that I'm working on it . I hope she got what I'm trying to tell her . I don't know why but somehow it just made me feel that I have the potential to score higher than me and my teacher expected . Well , I will score higher for the next exam teacher , this I promise ! Hihi til here ,

xoxo , Natt .

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kau tak perfect .

Dah dari dulu aku suruh kau move on , so tolong eh . Jangan nak salah kan aku yang kau hurt la apa laa . Ada ? ada aku kisah ? tak aku tak kisah . Sebab bila aku kisah , kau melebih lebih . Tahu tak kalau laa ex aku tahu apa yang kau cuba nak buat kat aku masa kat Astaria haritu . Kau dah kena belasah dah aku rasa . Oh and apa aku tulis kat blog ni bukan untuk dijadikan topic kat blog kau , kau ingat aku ni apa? suka hati aku laa , this is my life ! kau bukan boyfriend aku pun . Sakit hati tahu tak , dah bagi muka kat kau , lama-lama ish tak tahu nak cakap apa -.-' Kau fikir kau kaya , pandai . Eh hello kalau setakat kaya tapi sebenarnya miskin sebab perangai berlagak kau tu . LUPAKAN . Kalau nak tahu , sebab perangai kau lah aku tak suka kat kau . Oh , memang . Memang kau baik pun , tapi sorry la aku tahu kau banyak menipu aku dengan kawan kawan kau sendiri pun . Macam ayat tu , 'dont lie to a liar' so jangan nak menipu . Sekali lagi , tolong laa eh . Betul cakap Ara . We are better on our own . Aku rasa happy and bebas sekarang , tak ada pun sedih sedih okyh ? k bye .

Eh jap , kenapa aku tulis dalam bahasa melayu eh ? sebab nanti kau kecoh pasal english aku .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Icc Concert 2011 ,

Was awesome ! until......i saw my ex. Hmm yeah , my ex with a girl . I know that girl . First I saw him when I was hugging my friend , he walked by and smiled at me . It was awkward okyh, he never ever want to smile at me after we broke up I mean if we meet outside , he don't even want to look at me . Like seriously, so I was feeling a lil excited that he actually smiled at me ! but when i turned back . He was hugging this girl , like a sweeeeeeet couple . Ouch ! there , my heart got one big deep cut . It hurts like fuck ! I was stunned there for a moment , from (: i when to |: I cant believe my eyes , since we broke up I never saw him with a girl walking together like so sweet and all ,especially hugging like that ! So , that was beyond my expectation . I was down after that . But there was my boyfriend , calm me and cheer me up again (': thnks boo , yknow i love you . I saw a lot of my friends at icc . Everyone just walked by and say hi , didn't even get a chance to take picture with them . Over all , it was fun ! Congrats to my school dancers Wild Child ! They were great ! Awesome performance ! Thnks to my two angels , Maryna & Kavitha . Guys , sleepover again !!! Hahaha ! I had so much fun with you guys (': mama kata kena cakap terima kasih punnn . Haha , oh and thnks to my boyfriend for coming (: and spend a greattttt time together with me at Midvalley . Seluar longgar , HAHAHA :P til here ,

xoxo, Natt .