Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretty look is just not enough ,

Icc Concert .

Starting with myself, I love my hair so much . It is way too precious (': haha I love to comb it and just touch it . I love love loveee to look at my hair. Especially in the morning after a great sleep . I planned to dye my hair kind of Rihanna's . But I guess not according to my style, so I'm not sure yet. And then my nails , some people said i have a beautiful nails so I want to buy a lot more nail paints. Because like omg , I'm very addicted to it already haha not surprising . But i wouldnt have the chance to dye my hair and buy a lot of nail paints unless i go to work. Make some ka-chings by myself -.-' oh well speaking of work, I'm not even at the corner of finish school yet, results for the first exam was fuhh, very satisfied I would say ! Well, if you compared it with my last year's result ! -.-' I think, I've improved. Like a lot . I'm proud of myself ! Right now, I'm just counting days for the next exam. Studying is indeed studying, but should be organized a bit. Because even if you study like crazy in the morning, afternoon, evening and night but can not let the subjects get into your brain, it can not be too right? What made ​​me feel a little proud is when my English teacher told me ' Your English supposed to be good '. I just smiled at her as I'm trying to tell her that I'm working on it . I hope she got what I'm trying to tell her . I don't know why but somehow it just made me feel that I have the potential to score higher than me and my teacher expected . Well , I will score higher for the next exam teacher , this I promise ! Hihi til here ,

xoxo , Natt .