Friday, May 28, 2010

Looks like even school isn't working for you. And you're imperfect in almost every way. That's just ridiculous.

oh really ? i DARE you to put your NAME here or just say it to my face . It is not ridiculous at all . I'm god creation who are you to judge huh ?

Try me,NattKillsFormspring♥

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exam Week ! I'm not a free bitch baby !

Ugh, exam was sucks !
I didn't studied econ last night , i studied the internet instead -.-' so i fuckin screwed my econ answer paper . Babah picked me up from school tday FOR THE FIRST TIME , didn't talk much . He send me to Bangsar n gave me some money . On my way back home , suddenly *in the bus Ez called me then his little sister wanted to talked to me n she was like calling me mummy awww >.< sho cute like that ! she's only 2 y/o , so i don't really understand what she was saying . Haha , so adorable ! oh her name is Dayana (: Uploaded new picture's on FB to make a new default , but it still look sucks . YAY EPIC FAIL Natt -.-' haish .


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

I’m a slut because I’ll wear shorts/skirts and a tank top. I’m a bitch because i don’t let you push me around. I'm a bad girl because i used to drink. I'm a bitch again because i smoke n goes to club n party. I’m a liar because i won’t tell you everything. I’m stupid because sometimes I’m wrong. I’m ugly because my face isn’t perfect. I'm a bad girl again because I've kissed and hug a boy before . I’m a whore because i like boys. I’m annoying because I'm not chill enough. I'm a whore again because i always talk about boys . I’m a loser because I’m not friends with your group. I’m fake because most of the time I’m happy. I’m weird because I’m not like you. I’m controlling because i get mad. Sometimes I’m clingy because i like being around people. I’m greedy because i like to be satisfied. I’m naive because I’m younger than you. I’m conceited because I’m proud of who i am. I’m rude because my manners aren’t perfect. I’m unappreciative because i don’t praise you. So , don’t tell me who i am because i already know bitch , I ALREADY KNOW THAT NOBODY'S PERFECT.
NattKills (:

Friday, May 21, 2010

y your face dlm gamba lain n bile real life lain?dlm gamba cantik sket but bkn in real life,sorry:)

haha everyone said that , mmg ah name pun gamba. thnks for ur opinion btw (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

No Hope No Love No Glory , No Happy Ending .

We’re teenagers
. We’re still learning. Shit happens. We cheat, we lie, we criticize, we fight over stupid things. We fall in love and end up getting hurt. We bitch, bitch, BITCH. We bitch about bitches being bitches. We party till dawn, we drink till we pass out. We hate people for no reason, we call each other names. We stay up late having deep conversations, or stay up late just to THINK. We go out and have a kick ass time with our friends and THOSE WILL BE THE MEMORIES. One day that’s going to all pass. You can waste your time focusing on all the bad things, but one day you’re gonna wish you were
still a teenager,
So make the most of what you have now, forget all the bullshit and drama and

Memories ?

that's what i am .

Well hello thr dude&dudettes(!)

I've been thinking a lot bout cheer stuff this whole week , I'm so tired of cheer practices and really pissed off with some of them who can't attend the practices . I got flashed by a red head dick Chinese guy on Monday FUCK YOUH FLASHER (!) *sigh , still having the traumatic feeling . It's been a week since my mum gone to Kelantan , and I'm missing her SOO MUCH already , and hoping that she'll be back KL before Raya . Hmm i love goin to school nowadays , HAHA . Oh and I've got some of my exams paper already , i got 0/45 for maths paper two (: great huh ? n i got 31/50 for Science paper two . Whatever i did my best already , i failed almost all subjs and not regretting for it. I feel so lonely a lot , i srsly miss my brothers and my mum . I miss my mum's cook n her nags especially . But having a soul sisters like Rina , Fafa and Ain (: makes my life in school happier now , them love are the ppl who brighten up my day , every single day . Same goes to Haider , my guy best frienddd , so called annoying orange HAHA , who has the same crazy character as mine and the one that never complain or feel bad of company me anytime anywhere .

Dear friends , i will never ever let you guys down and i hope the same from u guys . I guess I've found my real best friend who i find more like my soul sisters n friends that i could really rely on through thick or thin . I wanted to say sorry to you fa , for what happened last 2 years , but since u said u don't like ppl saying sorry . I just gonna say I'm a lot like you too , n we were meant to be a close friend . We really do understand each other a lot
Ryna babyy , i love youh too . You have the half of my sister's character , you're a trustworthy person and seriously you're a good quality friend . You shouldn't been worry about what other ppl think of you , ppl hate you because they don't know how wonderful person you are . Ppl always change but honestly down deep inside my heart i really love having you guys as my friends and I'm glad i have you guys in my life , i hope thr will be no changes . I'm sorry but its hard for me to say this word called Best Friend , because I've lost a best friends before this that i really love but our friendship ended up to be the most terrible things happened in my life . So lets keep this friendship with TLC , til death do us apart sisters

D , BABY I LIKE YOU ALOT , i can't wait to see you (!)


mwamwah !


time and tide wait for no man ..

Fafa's bday is coming , we're going to Red Box hee can't wait ! Seriously spending times with them are the best ! Guess what Kavitha's coming too ! hee XD i'm getting more excited ! but still thinking of what to give to fafa thou hhee . Right now I'm on the phone with Fahim , and he said semak ah knp name i kene ade dlm blog u . HAHA , and he said BODOH AHH . HAHAHA . I'm listening to Heaven Cant Wait :D while talking to him .

What's new : Oh! oh! i made a FORMSPRING.ME account , lol feeling so excited -.-' well thats because i used to stalk Fahim's one . So i made one too , HAHA ;D here's the link baby , .
just ask me anythingg .

okyh u what i'm ran out of idea ,
byee mwah !

Natt .

I end up thinking; I'm just a lucky girl that doesn't even deserve him

Omg , I found my older post in my draft .
And yes that's my old picture :D
Hihi :B

Natt .

Another Older Post I kept in my draft : 5/7/2010 , 2:47 am

I'm scared to be attached, I'm scared to make you my everything, I'm scared to let you know everything, I'm scared your gonna be the only one there, I'm scared to make you my only thing, I'm scared if you ever left me I lost my everything, What would be my reason to live if you were my everything.
Prove to me you'll be here forever and I WILL fall for you.

Natt .

Lil' Miss Natt

Red For Valentines & Chinese New Year ♥ Love it !
Prettayh i like


Heyyyy (: MY VALENTINES DAY was awesome yo, like SRSLY !
We(aunt oshin, aunt gurl , uncle adie , qalya , my nanny & me ) celebrated valentines at Times Square , aunt oshin treated us red dress & high heels for my nannys b'day this 28th of feb , FINALLY I GOT A FCKEN RED DRESS , HAHA . Such a satisfaction-.-'
8.30pm ; my aunt,nanny & i get ready to go to Sangria Island , aunt oshins place.
So , my valentines date was my beloved nanny & my aunt oshin
We dated at aunt oshin's place , Sangria Island Bar &Restaurant , reached thr at 9.30pm .

My nanny & i really enjoyed the band (: we sang , danced & camwhored together ,
*sounds gay . Lol ,
12.45am , suddenly Acap texted me , he invited me to go to Castle . So i followed them *Acap, Aizat n Sheikh to Castle. They fetched me at Sangria , then we lepak-ed til 2.00am , hahaha yeah i left my nanny alone at aunt oshin's place :P

At 2.00am we shoot to Sangria , fetched my nanny then send her back home , i followed Acap & the others to damansara , we lepak-ed til 8.00am (: then Aizat send me home . When i reached home acap made so much noiseee fucker -.-' uncle jay was kinda pissed , but he didn't say anything at all when i went inside the hse (Y) 10minutes after, my nanny woke up, she seems to be V blur HAHA (Y) FUCK YEAH she didn't noticed i went back home at 8.00am . HAHA , was V tiring but i had fun tho' hehe ♥ i love my val day so much , SO MUCH for some reason , hehe :P ain't gonna tell you guys why , haha . Nywayy, i can't wait to see Nadr tmrw ! I miss her like hell yeah , goin to her hse tmrw , see ya nad !

Here's my valentines date pictures ,
Enjoy ! lol .

My Valentines date

My Beloved Nanny

My Valentines date 2

Camwhore babeyh

Sangria Island , Bar & Restaurant

Natt .

p/s : I miss you Yasmin Iman♥ Happy Valentines Day babe !

Helmi ! Look what I found on my blog's draft . Aww, Imy Elmo ):

Girl , where exactly are you ,
I'm sitting here all alone thinking of you ,
tell me what i have to do to have you ,
and also all the things that I'm not supposed to do
that would make you upset .
I love the colour of your eyes ,
that is always making me smile ,
do open your heart and eyes ,
to the guy that is willing to walk a thousand mile .
the first time i saw you ,
i knew that i couldn't have you ,
but the chemistry i had with you ,
gave me reasons why I'm obsessed with you .

Helmi Anuar (:

Flying kiss from me (:
Thnk you, i really do love it , you're the first guy who wrote stuff like this for me,I'm sorry but i have to let you go . I know you're strong enough to forget me , go now go . You're free now , find a girl who will understand you ,who will always make you smile and who will always love you for who you are . You're the nicest guy i have ever met , but i am not the one who deserve you . There's other girl besides me who deserve your love more , I'm sure you'll find that lucky girl someday...
So live your life to the fullest , take care
&thnks for everything (:

xoxo ,
Natt .