Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exam Week ! I'm not a free bitch baby !

Ugh, exam was sucks !
I didn't studied econ last night , i studied the internet instead -.-' so i fuckin screwed my econ answer paper . Babah picked me up from school tday FOR THE FIRST TIME , didn't talk much . He send me to Bangsar n gave me some money . On my way back home , suddenly *in the bus Ez called me then his little sister wanted to talked to me n she was like calling me mummy awww >.< sho cute like that ! she's only 2 y/o , so i don't really understand what she was saying . Haha , so adorable ! oh her name is Dayana (: Uploaded new picture's on FB to make a new default , but it still look sucks . YAY EPIC FAIL Natt -.-' haish .