Friday, May 7, 2010


time and tide wait for no man ..

Fafa's bday is coming , we're going to Red Box hee can't wait ! Seriously spending times with them are the best ! Guess what Kavitha's coming too ! hee XD i'm getting more excited ! but still thinking of what to give to fafa thou hhee . Right now I'm on the phone with Fahim , and he said semak ah knp name i kene ade dlm blog u . HAHA , and he said BODOH AHH . HAHAHA . I'm listening to Heaven Cant Wait :D while talking to him .

What's new : Oh! oh! i made a FORMSPRING.ME account , lol feeling so excited -.-' well thats because i used to stalk Fahim's one . So i made one too , HAHA ;D here's the link baby , .
just ask me anythingg .

okyh u what i'm ran out of idea ,
byee mwah !

Natt .