Friday, May 7, 2010

Memories ?

that's what i am .

Well hello thr dude&dudettes(!)

I've been thinking a lot bout cheer stuff this whole week , I'm so tired of cheer practices and really pissed off with some of them who can't attend the practices . I got flashed by a red head dick Chinese guy on Monday FUCK YOUH FLASHER (!) *sigh , still having the traumatic feeling . It's been a week since my mum gone to Kelantan , and I'm missing her SOO MUCH already , and hoping that she'll be back KL before Raya . Hmm i love goin to school nowadays , HAHA . Oh and I've got some of my exams paper already , i got 0/45 for maths paper two (: great huh ? n i got 31/50 for Science paper two . Whatever i did my best already , i failed almost all subjs and not regretting for it. I feel so lonely a lot , i srsly miss my brothers and my mum . I miss my mum's cook n her nags especially . But having a soul sisters like Rina , Fafa and Ain (: makes my life in school happier now , them love are the ppl who brighten up my day , every single day . Same goes to Haider , my guy best frienddd , so called annoying orange HAHA , who has the same crazy character as mine and the one that never complain or feel bad of company me anytime anywhere .

Dear friends , i will never ever let you guys down and i hope the same from u guys . I guess I've found my real best friend who i find more like my soul sisters n friends that i could really rely on through thick or thin . I wanted to say sorry to you fa , for what happened last 2 years , but since u said u don't like ppl saying sorry . I just gonna say I'm a lot like you too , n we were meant to be a close friend . We really do understand each other a lot
Ryna babyy , i love youh too . You have the half of my sister's character , you're a trustworthy person and seriously you're a good quality friend . You shouldn't been worry about what other ppl think of you , ppl hate you because they don't know how wonderful person you are . Ppl always change but honestly down deep inside my heart i really love having you guys as my friends and I'm glad i have you guys in my life , i hope thr will be no changes . I'm sorry but its hard for me to say this word called Best Friend , because I've lost a best friends before this that i really love but our friendship ended up to be the most terrible things happened in my life . So lets keep this friendship with TLC , til death do us apart sisters

D , BABY I LIKE YOU ALOT , i can't wait to see you (!)


mwamwah !