Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aku paling pening layan engkau !

Haha the title meant short form for Kim's old nick name (:

Aku paling pening layan engkau : Apple !

It's funny how some people just don't get my relationship with Kim .

So now baby girrrrrrl ,open your fcking eyes and read this carefully aite (:

Luqman Hakim Bin Zaazubir , Apple Dnsh aka Kim Campos .

Is my freakinggggg best friend okyh ! or should I say my brother ?

We're like brother and sister , his business is my business too . We go together . Together as a best friend ! That's the reason why I'm in Kataras . We're like brothers and sister ! We're homies ! We're close !

YES , he is my ex-bf . We're best friend now cause we just don't suit as a couple . We were never meant to be .

But god put us together again as a best friend . We always fight and make drama when we meet . We fight like cat and dog . Nope , not like a sweet couple fight or something like that -.-' I've known Kim for a long time and even before than you do . I know a lot of things about him , and so there's nothing to be curious or jealous about . If I like him . I'd just break up with my boyfriend and be with him again . But nope , I'm not gonna do that ! We friend ! F.R.I.E.N.D . Haven't you heard the word friend before ? or you never had one ? If so , i pity you girl . We broke up cause a lot of reason , and i really mean a LOT . Kim doesn't like girls who control him , treat him like a kid and keep nagging to him all the time . Calling him 24/7 and stuff like that . He just want you to be there through thick or thin . Not by clinging to him at all the time or telling him you love him all the time just to get his attention . If you love him , then just show to him by your action not your words . I could've do it when we were together , but after we broke up I realized how suit we are as a best friend . Cause when we were together , its hard for us to understand each other . We had a lot of problems . But we went through it aaaall together . The feeling of being couple and best friend is wayyyyy different . Especially when you considered your best friend like your own brother/sister . That is what happened to me and Kim . We were happened to be best friend (:

So !

The reason why you shouldn't be jealous of us being close is ,

1. We're BEST FRIEND !

2. I know him more than ANYONE !

3. I treat him like my own BROTHER !

and most importantly ,

4. I have a fcking BOYFRIEND, and I love him !

Last but not least ,

5. Read it all over again and get it into your brain correctly ! -.-'

I'm just so fcking pissed with someone who either older than me or the same age as me couldn't think properly before they say or write something. Gosh , learn maturity please !

Sincerely ,

Natt .