Saturday, April 2, 2011

Icc Concert 2011 ,

Was awesome ! until......i saw my ex. Hmm yeah , my ex with a girl . I know that girl . First I saw him when I was hugging my friend , he walked by and smiled at me . It was awkward okyh, he never ever want to smile at me after we broke up I mean if we meet outside , he don't even want to look at me . Like seriously, so I was feeling a lil excited that he actually smiled at me ! but when i turned back . He was hugging this girl , like a sweeeeeeet couple . Ouch ! there , my heart got one big deep cut . It hurts like fuck ! I was stunned there for a moment , from (: i when to |: I cant believe my eyes , since we broke up I never saw him with a girl walking together like so sweet and all ,especially hugging like that ! So , that was beyond my expectation . I was down after that . But there was my boyfriend , calm me and cheer me up again (': thnks boo , yknow i love you . I saw a lot of my friends at icc . Everyone just walked by and say hi , didn't even get a chance to take picture with them . Over all , it was fun ! Congrats to my school dancers Wild Child ! They were great ! Awesome performance ! Thnks to my two angels , Maryna & Kavitha . Guys , sleepover again !!! Hahaha ! I had so much fun with you guys (': mama kata kena cakap terima kasih punnn . Haha , oh and thnks to my boyfriend for coming (: and spend a greattttt time together with me at Midvalley . Seluar longgar , HAHAHA :P til here ,

xoxo, Natt .