Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is my life , Just shut the eff up .

So there's this guy he im me on Facebook and said he love me more than my bf does and went offline , haha ain't gonna mention his name here . This is my answer for him .
Too bad baby, I love my boyfriend more than i love you ! I'm soooo sorry boy ! :P Hahaha , oopss but that's the fact .
How did I move on so fast , don't fucking ask me . Its my life and I'm tired of being what people want me to be. So yeah right now I'm just being myself . The old me , who doesn't really care much, who's heartless bu....happy !? Yeah I'm happy ! So sorry , I just love being who I am now . I fuckin love it . And no , don't ever say you know me better than I know myself . I'm that girl who prefer being single . Yeap prefer being single . But to be honest , I've finally found the guy,who I can officially say my one and only Prince Charming . So guys , be jealous . Because to me he's perfect . His imperfection is perfect to me. He's mine , so keep your hand off my boyfriend girls .

xoxo ,
Natt .