Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks zam , i miss you and hzq so badly .

Zamil Syaheer Come on, life is hard when you stuck at something and you don't take action on it. Because when you were at that point, you either do it or regret, or else something else either worse or good might be coming up. I know you still love it, bu...t the words I tell you is good enough for him to answer, just speak in a proper tone instead of an angry tone. Ask nicely. Or else sampai bila you nak macam ni?

Crying and stuff won't do any solution, because the only thing you get is pain and tearful joys coming out from your eyes and heart. It's painful, I know, I've been in that situation and I was totally feel F-up to it. But why I still do it? Because I don't want to be in that situation in nowhere future, don't want to waste my time, don't want to be hurt anymore, don't want to cry anymore and don't want to get a silent treatment from somebody you was hoping to love you back.

Truth hurts, but at least, when you know something, you'll feel a little relieved, and from that moment, you can decide which action you should take. It might be more hurtful but life doesn't stop here.

Let me tell you something, Allah only lends you the feeling for a moment He wants, and he can pull the feeling back whenever He wants. I strongly believe this is just another test from Him for you, to see whether you are a tough girl in taking his test and whether can you handle the situation.

Everything has a solution, no matter what ways they are. The chance are given, the doors are open, its just YOU who decide whether to take or to not take action about the situation. Because everyday we have problems to deal on, no matter you realized it or not, we go through it. There's a level of problems though, if its easy you won't feel it that much, if its hard like this, yeah this is hurtful.

So just try hard on it okay. I know, it's hard, but for your own good, at least try. Take care okay.