Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coiled Up .

Hello , i didn't go to school today , its not that i don't want to go but i slept at 3am last night waiting for my mum to come home , i turned on my alarm , but sadly , i didn't hear my alarm . I woke up at 8 am , and then i burst out with some random swear words and goes back to bed . Lolz , it's been a very bad day for me , i felt really tired . Sigh , and yeah i seriously skipped school a lot this year . I did study really hard , my results aren't that bad , well i still pass (: that's one of the good news , i feel like dropping econ while my friends are dropping Art's mannn idk , i mean i don't like econ ! sighs , still need to work hard on math . I want to go tuition , babah , money please ? and again both of my parents don't really care ): can i just please pretend I'm dead ? pfft . Nonsense natt .

Sincerely ,
Natt .