Thursday, October 7, 2010

Helmi ! Look what I found in my blog's draft . Aww, Imy Elmo (:

Helmi Anuar ,
Elmo (:

Post date and time ,
5/7/10 | 2:54 AM

Girl , where exactly are you ,
I'm sitting here all alone thinking of you ,
tell me what i have to do to have you ,
and also all the things that I'm not supposed to do
that would make you upset .
I love the color of your eyes ,
that is always making me smile ,
do open your heart and eyes ,
to the guy that is willing to walk a thousand mile .
the first time i saw you ,
i knew that i couldn't have you ,
but the chemistry i had with you ,
gave me reasons why I'm obsessed with you .

Aww here's a flying kiss from me to you (:
Thnk you elmo, i really love it , you're the first guy who wrote me stuff like this,I'm sorry but i have to let you go . I know you're strong enough to forget me , go now go . You're free now , find a girl who will understand you ,who will always make you smile and who will always love you for who you are . You're the nicest guy i have ever met , but i am not the one who deserve you . There's other girl besides me who deserve your love more , I'm sure you'll find that lucky girl someday...

So live your life to the fullest , take care
& thnks for everything elmo (:

xoxo ,
Natt .