Friday, October 1, 2010

That's what you said ,

Hey, hey guys ! I've made my new ic already, oh yea - oh yea - oh yea . I feel so happy can die k ? hahaha . Sooo , thr this one stupid guy who added me on fb yesterday we got like pretty much mutual friends so i approved him and so obviously i wall post him 'thank for the add (: ' and expected him to respon but you know what he did ? he deleted it ! yes he deleted my wall post as if im the one who added him . I was like whoaa did he just ?! just ?! ughh ! don't you guys just get so fucken annoyed by this kind of ppl ? yeah he think he so cool , so i act cooler and remove him from my friends list . End of story . Pfft if you add ppl just to act cool or something , stop it man . It is not cool at all ! ughh it's disgusting okyh ! Anyway i cut my fringe already and i think... i look better (: somehow i feel like I've found the real me . I cut it by myself btw hihihi I'm so satisfied (Y) (Y) I knoww i knoww you wanna see my new hair , i'll upload it soon k baby ♥

Natt .