Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Crush ,

Hey guys , its me :D
I'm back on blog . So hmm today is just plain boring i have nothing to do than being retarded with my sister at home . Listening to some club songs like crazy , eat my medicine *I'm sick and have this stupid infection but I'm wayy better now(Y) , staring at my BB and idk why i do that all the time . So I'm on facebook now and youtubing , tumblr-ing and blogging of course . I just had to think what I'm gonna do next , so here's what I have in my mind .There's this one cute guy have been running thru my mind all day . He added me up on fb yesterday , i looked at his pictures like wow oh wow ! he's my freakin type of guy but with an exception that he's small and not as tall as i want . But still , he got this amazing anime eyes that make me melts in 30 second flat . He look like Rain Bi god damn it ! and like ohmaigawd i admire this guy pictures on his Flickr so much . Hah yeah , i check out his Flickr and tumblr urh and blog and twitter . HAHA , okyh -.-' i just got so excited when he replies my comment . But guess what , when i open his fb today I found out he got someone . Hmm sad abit . No actually sad a lot . And if you notice I updated my fb status . "You're so my type but you have someone already ! Damn it" . Yeah it's for him /: I also read his latest status saying he's coma now . Idk if i should believe it or not but if its true then it would be more sad for me . I hope he'll be just fine . Well i think thats all for today (: have a great day guys !

Natt SR .