Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hold on me ,

Yesterday ,is the best day ever . Meeting you is like meeting Rain Bi for fuck real
Hahaha seriously , how wonderful is that ey ? I like everything about you , you still smells good even when you sweat . You're so pretty boy . You make me melt every time you talk to me and look at me , all the time for god sake .Thanks for giving your shoulder for me to sleep on . I was really tired after we swim , sorry Nadd haha you had to talk to him while i was sleepin *thnks aite sis . I love you (: hihi .

Boy , you're so good at making me laugh yknow , you are just so amazing in your own way . Thnks , seriously thnks for the good time . I love the time you sang me Rihanna's song What's My Name . I was so amazeddd
I'd love to know you better . I hope we can meet again some other day . I'm gettin really deep with my feelings . Oh shizz . Haha .

til here ,
Natt SR .