Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Na Na What's my name ? Oh Na Na Na ta sha ♥

Hey guys ,

I went to Pyramid yesterday to send Nadd for her date with Halif . Afif fetched us from MMU. It was raining the road was freakin jammed . Arrived Pyramid at 4.55pm . Nadd met Halif , we split . Me and afif ate at BK while waiting for Ara n Hzq , ara and hzq arrived , went to Mcd to see Nadd , Ara scolded Halif for his attitude towards me and Afif earlier . Ate at kfc , Ara decided to go to Curve first , when to the parking Afif and Hzq forgot whr they park their cars , so me and Ara went back inside , Ara made a prank saying i fell down the stairs , Afif and hzq had a very hard time looking for us as Ara didn't tell them whr exactly the place is . They found us , seeing me still alive and realized it was a prank , Hzq was kinda emo . So then we ended up still in pyramid and since it's 8.00pm and thr's another half and hour to wait for Nadd to go out from movie we waited Nadd at A&W , had Float . 8.35pm Nadd showed up at A&W , we rushed to Curve , Ara and Hzq arrived first . Arrived Curve , we walked straight away to Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House . Haa finally ! Released ! We just love Winter Warmers so much, I got my blueberry milk tea and Carbonara Spaghetti , played card c: Hariz came all the way from Wangsa maju to Curve to see me and so he joined us . 11.00pm , finished our teas and food Hariz and Hzq had to go back . Left four of us , we played card at Al-safa till 12.00am . Went back home I drove half way then Afif took over . A very tiring day for me , I didn't really feel the fun .

xoxo ,
Natt SR .