Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I hope I'll find my way to you ,

I’m a laid back t-shirt, blue jean, mood ring kinda girl . Lay low I’m a mission rebel angel devil little left of the middle.. Sometimes I get temper mental.. But here I am an open book, turn the page it’s all the rage get a look on the inside.. What you get is what you see. You hold the key to the diary of me
I’m poetry, complicated . Simply stated. Hey yeah how about you?
I was born free, I’m a cell phone hippie.. Are you with me?
When I mess up I don’t get up.. I just get down yeah...
It’s raining on Sunday there’s nothing on the TV . Yesterday was lonely you’re the only one who gets me
My mind is like an island drifting through the ocean
I can’t stop thinking about you..........