Saturday, November 27, 2010

Imperfectly perfect ,

She is amazing, a cute and caring individual with a heart as big as her cute eyes. And what I love from her the most is that she still is opening herself to a better future. I really admire her on how she keeps on going on even with obstacles up in front of her, she goes straight on. What I really want to do is be there and help her go through the bumpy roads and hopefully the smooth one's too. A loving person, has a sisterly instinct, animal lover, easy to talk to and all that is not even a quarter of what I can compliment on her. It'll take a whole dictionary to actually fill my sentences from complimenting her. All in all, she's amazing just the way she is and I will love her from head to toe of what she is.

What if you find out someone wrote this for you ? honestly speaking , i almost cried reading it . Omg I nvr had such a compliment , so I am really touched (': thnk you so much to the one who wrote this for me , thanks for loving me , for i am not a perfect person i felt perfect enough when i read it . And again thnk you (:

xoxo ,
Natt SR