Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty messed up

I am suddenly have the mood to blog , my hand are typing so fast . I want to express my feelings so badly since 2 days back . First of all , i miss my sister nadd . I miss fafa , i feel so lonelyy , well not so lonely with my brotha's n mum here . I guess i just don't have the great feelings around them nymore cause i know they'll gonna be far from me again . 1 more weeks to go . I'm listening to I need You Now on repeat . Seriously , i feel so weak . I wanna cry , but my tears . It doesnt come out . I need someone to hug me now . I'm totally in love with D now , i hope if we meet again we'll have a short conversation and start to know each other more each day . Exams over , now i'm scared for the result , i just felt that i'm gonna get bad result . Sighhhh , I can't hold my tears to long . Seriously whats with my life ? its so unfair but still , STILL with all those every bit and broken pieces of my heart i just keep goin on . Walk in the silent , dying in the inside . Behold , behold natasha , find the strength in yourself . I said to myself . Fuck , fuck my love life . I wish i was never been in love . Tears , i wish i never felt sad , n burst out my tears so badly every single night . I tried , and still tried to accept the way of my life .